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 What smoking ban ?

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What smoking ban ? Empty
PostSubject: What smoking ban ?   What smoking ban ? Icon_minitimeSun Nov 12, 2017 2:08 pm

The Number of People in Bulgaria Smoking in Bars and Restaurants is Increasing
Society | November 12, 2017, Sunday

While in Europe in recent years there has been a tendency of a gradual reduction in the number of smokers in restaurants and bars, there is more and more in our country, one of the reasons being that the ban is not applied seriously. This is what CBT Chief of Oncology in Sofia and former Health Minister Dr. Stefan Konstantinov and Ms. Masha Gavrailova from the Bulgaria Tobacco Smoke Coalition have announced.
"In 2010 - 2011 there were warnings of bankruptcies of restaurants, outflow of tourists - none of this happened. In general, the ban is adhered to, elite establishments are not allowed to disrupt it, but there is a lot to be desired, "said Dr Konstantinov at the studio of" This Sunday ".
According to him, there are restaurants of "sly people" and some are "close to certain structures", which makes them feel untouchable by the hand of law, but the regulation is still not clear enough in its definition and is abused.
Konstantinov pointed out that for the last few years the number of people in Bulgaria who have never smoked has increased by 3%, 180 000 people. At the same time, however, adolescents in Bulgaria are the number one in Europe in smoking.
Gavrailova said that since 2012, the non-governmental sector has proposed specific measures for which there is no political will - for example, in the case of enforced penal decrees and ongoing violation, the object is to be temporarily suspended or penalize not only the smoker and the legal person but also the specific employee who has allowed tobacco smoke.
"Control is not so effective. Health inspectors do not go to restaurants, they are at the Food Agency. Manufacturing companies are at the Labor Inspectorate. They have to be involved in control, "she stressed.
In her opinion, hookahs are "the biggest challenge for young people": "They were left to think it was not harmful and would be endlessly difficult to limit use now."
Next week, on 16 November, a smoke-free day will be held, with a call to smokers to give money not for another box of cigarette but for a charity cause of their choice


John William Arnold
Visiting a restaurant in Varna I sat down to have a nice lunch with my partner, a very nice waitress came to take my order she said would you like an ash tray sir I was very polite and said no but have you a world war 2 gas mask just as I said that a large group of customers came in who sat down next to my table who started smoking I got up and went somewhere else.
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Nicholas Stone
The so called smoking ban in Bulgaria is a total joke, we will not eat in a restaurant that allows smoking as its disgusting when you are trying to eat.
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What smoking ban ?

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