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 What Medical Cover for Brits in Bulgaria

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PostSubject: What Medical Cover for Brits in Bulgaria   Tue Jan 05, 2010 4:16 pm

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What Medical Cover for Brits in Bulgaria

UK Nationals who live permanently in Bulgaria will qualify for health care costs.

Registration for medical care in Bulgaria

The form E121 will need to be completed which allows foreign authorities to register you for health care purposes under EC Regulations.

You can get the form E121 for yourself or additional forms for extra members of your family by asking the Bulgarian authority to apply for an application for a certificate of entitlement to benefit in kind. This is a form E107 and they will send to The Pension Service Medical Benefits Section in the UK.

Next you will need to

Send or take the forms to your nearest Sickness Insurance Office of the authority in Bulgaria. It is important that you have the forms registered straight away. This will make sure that your Medical Benefit cover starts straight away.

Do not under any circumstances fill out any part of the forms yourself!!

As you no longer live in the UK any form E111 or EHIC you may have which was issued in the UK cannot now be used. you will need the E121.

What the Bulgarian Authority must do

The Bulgarian authority will fill part B of both forms and send one copy back to the Pensions Service to let them know you and your dependants have been registered.

Once you have registered with the Bulgarian authority they will deal with any claim you make for a refund or help with medical costs.

What if you visit another EEA country (Not including the UK or Switzerland)

You must not use any form E111 or EHIC issued by the UK that you still hold, you will need to apply to the Bulgarian sickness authorities and ask them to issue you and any dependants with an EHIC.

If you return to the UK

Emergency Treatment: If you, or any of you dependants, want to come back to the UK on a visit you will only be entitled to NHS medical treatment if you become sick or have an accident during the visit.

Planned Treatment: If you, or any dependants, want to come back to the UK for specific NHS medical treatment you must ask at the office which registered your form E121 for a form E112. The office will decide then whether to issue you the E112 which entitles you to the right to have Sickness or Maternity Benefits currently being provided.

You must contact the hospital in the UK before your visit. You need to tell them you want to have treatment under the National Health Service.

Moving to another country

If you or any of your dependants come back to the UK or move to another country to live you must contact the Medical Service office know straight away giving full details.

Important Advice

The foreign sickness insurance authority will not usually register your for E121 until you have completed all the necessary formalities to become a resident in Bulgaria. The authority that grants residence permits will want to be sure that you have enough income to support yourself. This may take several months depending on your circumstances. In the meantime you will have to pay in full for any treatment you receive. You will not be covered for free or reduced cost health care by the UK until the form E121 has been registered.

Once you form E121 is registered, you may be able to obtain a refund of your past expenses from the foreign sickness insurance authority which have registered your form. But if they refuse? then the UK NHS will not refund the cost of any madical care you have had privately, either in the UK or abroad.

It's worth considering taking out private medical insurance to cover you until your form E121 is registered.

Any further information can be found by contacting the following..

The Pension Service
Tyneview Park
Medical Benefits
Newcastle upon Tyne
NE99 1BA
Telephone: 0044(0)218777
E-mail: [email:3ors28mb]internationalqueiries@thepensionservice.
Website [url=http:
uk/:3ors28mb][You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Hope you find this of some help? and feel free to update with more information

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PostSubject: Re: What Medical Cover for Brits in Bulgaria   Sat Oct 13, 2012 12:40 pm

sometimes being registered on the uk system but living in bulgaria can backfire. your ehic card is for temporary emergency care when out of your country of residence.
recently a uk resident living in bulgaria with uk ehic card had to have emergency treatment, no problems, got the treatment. but become ill and discovered a multiple by pass was needed. this was not covered by the ehic card because it was not an emergency but a condition that would become life threatening.
back to the uk, yes, erm no........the medics said he was too ill to travel back to the uk.

catch 22, had no options but to undergo surgery in bulgaria which cost 10 thousand levs.

if he had been on the bulgarian system he would have had the surgery with minimal cost.
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PostSubject: Re: What Medical Cover for Brits in Bulgaria   Sat Oct 13, 2012 1:04 pm

You are right Starlite. That's why you should always have some savings for just such a situation. If you are on limited income private medical insurance is very expensive (BUPA for instance). In life, you cannot forsee all eventualities so this is definitely something to take into account if you are nervous about health matters. People pretty soon realise the benefits of the NHS when faced with the alternative.
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PostSubject: Re: What Medical Cover for Brits in Bulgaria   

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What Medical Cover for Brits in Bulgaria

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