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 What you can buy for 50p in Bulgaria and around the world

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PostSubject: What you can buy for 50p in Bulgaria and around the world   Tue Mar 10, 2015 5:05 pm

What you can buy for 50p in Bulgaria and around the world

The year has only just started. This raises a logical question – what can a tourist buy for 50p during their holiday journeys?

In Bulgaria you can choose between buying a coffee with milk, 100 grams of chocolate, or a kilo of sliced bread, a kilo of rice, 5 eggs, 2 kilos of potatoes, a banitsa and boza (typical Bulgarian pastry and a drink), two bottles of mineral water, a ticket for the public transport or a coupon for fake eyelash implants.

In order to prepare a salad to accompany the evening drink you would need a 50p to buy half a kilogram of tomatoes and half a kilo of cucumbers. For 50p you can also afford a packet of roasted sunflower seeds.

In Moscow you can  buy 400 grams of bread or a liter of milk… Or some canned vegetables. A packet of cigarettes, or a bottle of beer… A trip with the metro, or two newspapers.

In Ukraine 50p would be enough for a packet of butter, 6 tickets for the metro in Kiev, 10 eggs, or two liters of soda.

In Turkey 50p buys a ticket for the bus, or a liter of apple juice, half a kilo of bananas, two loaves of bread.

In Macedonia a man has to choose between the beer and snack, which is a task beyond one’s abilities.

In South Korea a ticket for the metro or a mask for Halloween costs 50p.

Cambodia: two glasses of beer during the Happy Hour, delicious roasted frog legs with ginger, three crispy fried tarantulas, 4 liters of drinking water, two cans of soda, 50g of Danish blue cheese. or for 50p you can wash 1 kg of clothes.  

In Vietnam, you can rent a bike for a day, or buy two cups of coffee with milk, for 50p you can afford 15 minutes of mobile talk time, a bowl of Vietnamese soup, 250 grams candied ginger, 40 quail eggs, 1 traditional cone hat, one or two newspapers, a DVD, 7 liters of water, 2 tickets for the Temple of Literature in Hanoi, two cold beers.  

India: In Calcutta for 50p you can eat a healthy meal of rice topped with various sauces and spices.  

In Laos for 50p you can choose between an ice cold beer, a sandwich with bacon and cheese, 4 rolls of toilet paper, 2 cups of brewed coffee, 16 medium-sized bananas, an hour of surfing on the Internet, 3 liters of drinking water, two croissants.  
Nicaragua - a bottle of beer.  

Belize - fried bananas in the street.  

In Manado, Indonesia for 50p you can get a full lunch - a piece of fried chicken with rice, vegetables, mineral water and fruits.  

In Myanmar - a cup of coffee with ice, 4 boxes of cigarettes, doxycycline pills for malaria treatment for 17 days, 4 liters of clean water, 6 cans of soda, a pomelo, an hour of surfing the Internet.  

In short, if you are looking where to spend wisely your 50p - there is no better place for this than Bulgaria.
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PostSubject: Re: What you can buy for 50p in Bulgaria and around the world   Wed Mar 11, 2015 10:17 pm

Love it BGT and so so true
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What you can buy for 50p in Bulgaria and around the world

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