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 How much Snow did you get?

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PostSubject: How much Snow did you get?   Mon Jan 27, 2014 10:00 am

First topic message reminder :

Woke up this morning at 7am to to my daily chores before breakfast, made a coffee for my self and looked out of the kitchen window and snow was halfway up the window pane!I have four indoor cats and a large pride of cats that live outside who I feed every day twice a day on chicken necks and pate sandwiches plus a horse. I put my free florecent three quarter Winter jacket on(complements of Suffolk Constabulary) a beanie plus gloves and my rubber boots on.Tried the kitchen door and couldn't open it to go out side to feed the cats and the horse.Went up stairs to the front door where there are stairs that lead to the ground which were covered in Snow."
a Ginger tom and "
Tel Tel"
were the only cats there and up to their necks in snow.I managed to hand feed them a chicken neck each as they are very tame as no way could I throw the chicken neck to them as it would dissappear in the snow and they wouldn't find it.
I heard the cry of a kitten which I knew as it was one of three which were born in an empty property opposite me who I also feed when they make their way to the Summer house opposite my kitchen.It sounded distressed and I thought it was buried in the snow some where as the snow was about a eighteen inches deep, much higher than the height of a kitten.Then I thought I would look in the Summer house and there was "
Joe Joe"
as cute as they come with his coat of many colours shouting at me for food and I gave him or I think it's a "
a chicken neck which started to eat growling as he did.I am a bit worried as the other two kittens I havn't seen for two days or their mother who normally shuttles chicken necks back and forth to them.
When you sit around doing nothing much during the Winter and exercise consists of going out to the horse to groom and feed it on a daily basis it's hardly a work out.I picked up the snow shovel and started to clear a path to the stable which is some 30 meters away from the house so I could feed and water the horse.By the time I reached the half way point which would be my car port I was coughing and gagging and out of breath.OK I am no youngster and well into my sixties but the last time I felt that way was in my forties after a hard ten mile run!When I was a training instructor in Canada as a soldier the Winter was time off as it was gurenteed that we would have minus 20 and snow up to our our arm pits.It was nothing for me to clear my pathway and drive plus the next door neighbors who was fairly elderly and never even drew breath hardly.Now twenty shovel fulls of snow and I am on my knees!We are lucky in our village because as soon as it snows the snow plow is out and about early to clear the snow on the roads around the village.It has a down side though with a snow plough coming round, my entrance to the drive way is now blocked by four feet of snow in height anf three feet wide which the snow plow pushed into my drive way! So I will have to clear that today because if you leave it to long it gets compact and becomes heavy to shift.
Glad I went to Dobrich on Friday and did the shopping with my wife because I wouldn't fancy going there today in four wheel drive for thitry five kilometers there and thirty five kilometers back again!

So how much snow have you had?
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PostSubject: Re: How much Snow did you get?   Thu Jan 30, 2014 9:54 am

[size=150:1tc8frxu]Winter conditions in some areas of the country remains complicated :C: :Snow window:

Snow paralyzes traffic in Silistra, and stopped trains
January 30, 2014 08:29 / 10:29 renovated in

Winter conditions in some areas of the country remains complicated. Most - remains severe in northeastern Bulgaria. Difficulty is due to the movement around snowdrifts Silistra, Shumen, Dobrich, Montana, Vratsa, Rousse, Burgas and Ajtos as in Rishki Pass and River Bridge.

Extremely slozhnena situation in Silistra . There has issued a ban on movement of all vehicles. Silistra is no rail link to the capital due to bad weather, said the railway station. Last night and this morning are not trains. Does not work and the bus station.

From Sitovskata municipality reported that two villages - Slatina, hawks - are without electricity. Not work and educational institutions throughout Silistra.

Commercial trucks waiting to cross the Danube Bridge border checkpoint hamper international traffic "
in Rousse. This was reported by police in the Danube town. The reason for the difficult movement at times and blocks is that some of their trucks freezes naphtha, which is why stop moving, and because of divergence of trucks. On site are a team of police regulating the traffic. During the night, most of the heavy vehicles are not moving, as it is over working time of drivers on tachographs or digital map. Currently waiting on the boulevard about 300 trucks to pass checkpoints River bridge and about 100 other heavy vehicles are arranged in a column on the road from Martin to Ruse . informed by the region that all national roads in the region are passable in winter conditions. Movement of vehicles over 12 tons necessarily chained to second class and third-class roads as later today limit will be canceled. No settlements without electricity and water.

After heavy snowfall yesterday today the situation in Shumen remains complicated. Closed to traffic all tertiary roads in the area, informed by the Regional Road Administration. The main national roads are treated as cleaning is carried out by 42 machines.

A ban on the movement of vehicles on the road to Silistra, to the border with the neighboring regions. 48 cm of snow cover in the region, today rain is unlikely, annotate of hydrometeorological stations in Shumen. Trucks must necessarily move with chains in Rishki Pass and the road Ruse-Shumen. During the night, rescue teams have provided assistance to the two stuck in the snow vehicles.

No impassable roads in Targovishte region . The floors are covered with snow, treated and sanded, reported on duty at Regional Road. In the movement takes place in winter conditions. Not limited road sections and facilities. Kotel Pass is open to traffic. There is a danger of falling stones in the "
on the main road Sofia - Varna. of road management added that during the night and is now in the region have worked a total of 52 machines. In places there are icy areas and areas with drifts. The weather is clear visibility - good. The police appeal to drivers to move with caution.

In Gabrovo 23 machines of the municipal enterprise "
clean snow already 34 cm in lowland. 20 Other machines cleaned the roads to the villages, said the municipal council security. Supply of products and the power of the municipality are normal children in urban areas where there is no school successfully transported to the central schools in the city. Shipka Pass passes in winter, the temperature there is minus 10 degrees, and the snow cover is 50 cm . way through a snowy mountain pass, but is clean and sanded. No additional restrictions for cars, except the ban on heavy goods vehicles with a total mass exceeding 10 tonnes. Cleaned and sanded is the path to the tourist area Usana. Mountain weather is cloudy with good visibility.

Roads in Dobrich district are impassable after heavy snow and wind during the night designated by the Council. Last night was closed and the road Dobrich - Municipality. Nineteen machines patnopoddarzhashtata company clearing pavements along the national network.

Buses from the bus station in the region do not travel in any direction because of the difficult winter conditions reported by the Regional Security Council. District Council Security is a signal for the troubled car to the Balchik Tsarichino carrying people on hemodialysis from Kavarna. Sent a snow blower to clear the way. Graders clears the way for an ambulance and Tervel Kableshkovo where sick woman, informed by the District Council on Security. Bulgarevo several days no electricity, but the stores are loaded with goods.

Open to traffic crawled away from Dobrich to Varna in Balchik, village plots and resort "
Golden Sands"
, reported by the Regional Road Management. In this direction are allowed only cars, leaving the ban on heavy over 10 tonnes.

The other main areas of national roads are closed to traffic. Continued cleaning of pavements to ensure safe travel conditions, given by the regional agency. In distress is Wolves dol municipality, Varna District.

Troubled by bus more than 40 people around Rouen , who were home last night is expected to be transported to lunch in their urban areas. Provided their food, are still in the community center. Drilled are the roads to their villages. Aitos still impassable the road network, electricity will still in the village of fog machines will clear the way for EVN to carry out the repairs. In Karnobat situation is normalized, expanding roads. In Pomorie only impassable section is the way to s.Kozichene to lunch section will open. Cleaning is Kameno no settlements without electricity.

Due to fog reduced visibility to 50 meters of highway "
and up to 100 m in the area of banks Bogrov "
highway, Kostinbrod in the new section of highway "
Gintsi, Kyustendil, Ichtiman and Plovdiv.

No cancellations of Sofia Airport due to bad weather conditions, announced the metropolitan airport. Runway and landing cleaned promptly measured braking effect and carry out procedures of aircraft icing.

The national road network are passable in winter conditions reported SBA. Road surfaces are wet with icy and snowy road sections are cleaned and processed. During the past day within the country have become 19 serious accidents, 26 people were injured and one was life-threatening. The territory of the city have become 119 cars and four serious accidents. Four are injured
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    PostSubject: Re: How much Snow did you get?   Thu Jan 30, 2014 10:10 am

    We had a snow fall this morning about 6am, then the rain came an washed it all away

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    PostSubject: Re: How much Snow did you get?   

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    How much Snow did you get?

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