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 I am going to subjected to one hell of a break in

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PostSubject: I am going to subjected to one hell of a break in   Fri Feb 08, 2013 2:00 pm

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Morning Guys

Had little bit of bad news last night we had another attempted break in to our place in Silistra - the alarm save us again - they managed to break the shutters and windows not clear on what damage is done yet but reports say they did not get in - so not all bad. This is the second time now, last time they managed to get through a 10 lock metal door but again the alarm went off once it was opened. We replaced the door with a steel door. We have double glazing, metal shutters, steel doors, neighbours, police checking daily sot alarm but still they try and it's the damage they do. My main concern is for the neighbours they are elderly and really do not need this stress. They take ake great pride in looking our for the property although they are not responsiable in any way, just key holders, they will be mortified as you can imagine in a small village this causes great concern for them. I will know more later.

oddball. So pleased that you had the alarm which the perpetrators activated and they got away with nothing

It now looks as if I an going to subjected to one hell of a break in

I have fallen victim to this scam once under the original name and now look out for these activities. The first thing a fraudster like this does is change names, identities, contacts and so on. It is a classic scenario. You pays your money and you gets nothing.


It recently came to light that Bryan Talbot has actually stolen the land "
Cherry Tree House"
sits on! In fact, it belongs to his neighbour who has been away in Canada with relatives for a few years. Bryan Talbot just came along and said I like this and took the plot without a by your leave and built on it. The neighbour was not best pleased to see this, but understands it is just another of Talbot's frauds, like everything else he does. The matter is now in Court and the house has been sealed off after having it's railings smashed, windows broken and walls damaged with pick axes and sledge hammers. None of the shops or bars in the village will let Talbot anywhere near them and throw stones both at him and his car whenever they see him. Others spit at him. His car tyres have been slashed more than once, though he persists in coming back, despite being a reviled and hated thief. The malevolent Talbot naturally says the neighbour is trying to steal his plot! I guess we have all heard that before!

Just another reason to keep well away from this conman and everything he does. If you pay this thief any money you will simply lose it. Get in touch with the Police if you value your life and your money.

Bob Delamurian

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I am going to subjected to one hell of a break in

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