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 Without English you can't belong.

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PostSubject: Without English you can't belong.   Tue Aug 16, 2011 1:48 pm

I have been reading about foreigners having to take an English test if they wish to live and/or work in Britain. Seems sensible but what do you think about this since many Brits have no intention of learning Bulgarian. Many of us are trying and have a basic knowledge and understanding of cultural life which helps us integrate. For people of working age it would be difficult without Bulgarian language but what are your thoughts on taking a test for Residency? I believe it was a requirement years ago. Maybe it would help British people to settle and stop the expat enclaves. Village Bulgarians certainly appreciate us making an effort. Thoughts on this?
An Indian lady is taking her case to the Human Rights because her husband is not allowed to join her in Britain with no English. Apparently it challenges their right to family life and she says he is too old to learn. He is in his 50s.
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PostSubject: Re: Without English you can't belong.   Tue Aug 16, 2011 2:07 pm

Personally, I believe that if you wish to live in a foreign country (I've lived abroad for the last 16 years), it's not only useful to learn the language of the country in which you live, it's polite to do so.

I've visited many countries in my time (over 50) and made sure when I got there I could at least say, hello, please, thanks, one, two, three, etc., even if only for a holiday.

I've lived full-time in 5 countries and always went much further, making sure I could converse with my neighbours, business meetings, shops, bars, etc., with no help or confusion in the conversation.

This also helped me to gain many friends in many countries that I couldn't have done if I'd not integrated and spoke 'their' language.

However, the wife and I were at the supermarket this morning and heard a couple of 'expats' screaming at the girl on the checkout because she didn't speak English! SIGH ... I find that rather sad as they are actually in her country and why the hell should she be expected to speak English?

I imagine (and this is speculation + Ash may even ban me) but, in the UK, if they had 'foreign' neighbours that couldn't speak a word, they'd be the first to moan about them?

oooo ... very contentious subject! I imagine you've kicked off a sack of worms oldun [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
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PostSubject: Re: Without English you can't belong.   Wed Aug 17, 2011 8:13 am

I agree with chris, it is only polite to learn about the country you wish to live in and also to learn the language at least to a basic level. I've never really understood why anyone would choose to live somewhere they have no idea what anyone is saying. (guess im really nosy coz i don't like to miss anything.) I think a test may be extreme put maybe they could have compulsory lessons or something.

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PostSubject: Re: Without English you can't belong.   

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Without English you can't belong.

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